Maintaining Tjukurpa Law and Culture

Ngintaka Tjina Tjukurpa

(Parente Dreaming Track)

Ngintaka Tjina Tjukurpa is one of the long songlines that runs through the APY Lands of South Australia. It tells the epic tale of Wati Ngintaka as he travels across country forming the landscape.
Follow this short section of Wati Ngintaka's journey by hovering over the names of the waterholes and rock pools where Wati Ngintaka camped in left column. See the corresponding description of each place in the column on the right of the map.
  • Yunyarpa (West Bore)

    Looking south towards West Bore.
  • Pamar

    There are two tjukula (rock holes) at Pamar. Witjiti and the tjitji are sitting in the smaller one. Both are currently dry.
  • Tali (Sand Hill)

    This is a swampy area after rain.
  • Irintata

    This is a swampy area after rain.
  • Kurku

    This is a swampy area after rain.
  • Ututjulu

    This is a swampy area after rain.
  • Alikilpa

  • Inma Nyuti

  • Tjunankiri

  • Possum Well

  • Tjumpu

  • View of Mt Woodroffe

  • Mt Woodroffe, South Australia

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